Seal Kits

O-Ring Seal Kits

by Hercules Sealing Products

At Northern Hydraulics we stock a variety of seals and o-rings for repair of your hydraulic cylinders, hoses and adapters. Featured below, are factory assembled hydraulic seal kits containing a variety of popular sizes for common hydraulic o-rings.  

Metric hydraulic cylinder seals and o-rings are available.

Please call store at 1-800-823-4937 with any questions.

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SKU: 568FC
Kit contains 436, 75 Durometer Fluorocarbon O-Rings in 36 different sizes.
SKU: 154187
O-R Fitting Kit for boss, split flange, and flat face hose end fittings and adapters.
SKU: 1381
This sturdy kit contains 1415 o-rings in the most popular sizes. Ideal for any service truck or repair shop.
SKU: O Kit E
This 500 piece kit contains the most popular European metric o-ring sizes
SKU: O Kit J
This 380 piece kit contains the most popular Japanese Industrial metric o-ring sizes
SKU: 568 Flange
Contains Seventy 90 Durometer O-rings in 7 Popular Sizes
SKU: 568
Contains one hundred and fifty five 90 Durometer O-Rings in 8 Popular Sizes
Contains 35 Split Flange Seals in 7 Popular Sizes for SAE J518 4-Bolt split flanges